Amman, the capital of Jordan with about 3 million people, is a fascinating city of contrasts – a unique blend of old and new, ideally situated on a hilly area between the desert and the fertile Jordan Valley.

In the commercial heart of the city, ultra-modern buildings, hotels, smart restaurants, art galleries and boutiques rub shoulders comfortably with traditional coffee shops and tiny artisans´ workshops. Everywhere there is evidence of the city´s old past.

Almost half of Jordan´s population is concentrated in the Amman area. The people of Amman are considered multi-cultural, multi-denominational, well-educated and hospitable. They welcome visitors and take pride in showing them around their fascinating and vibrant city.

Amman is the center of education in Jordan with a number of universities, colleges and academies.



Places to visit

Roman Theater – Dominating the heart of Downtown

Built during the rule of Antoninus Pius in 2nd century, Roman Theater is so large that it can accommodate about 6,000 people. It is strategically built on the hillside to keep the sun off the viewers. The theater isn’t just one of the best places to visit in Amman, it is also the most impressive remainder of Roman Philadelphia.

Temple of Hercules – A spot for best ruin photography

Overlooking Amman’s gleaming skyline is the Temple of Hercules. It is situated at the peak of Citadel Hill which lets you witness a tremendous panoramic view of Amman city and a romantic sunset. The first thing you’ll notice up there is a giant mysterious hand which belonged to a massive statue of Hercules. It’s still unclear how and why the statue of Hercules was destroyed. The temple is among the most significant places to go in Amman for those who would love to explore Amman’s past.


The Jordan Museum – Telling the story of Jordan

If you want to understand the great history of this little country, then The Jordan Museum is one of the best places to visit in Amman for you. The museum showcases the history and culture of Jordan in beautifully designed galleries. It’s home to the incredibly gorgeous Ain Ghazal statues (oldest human statues in the world).


Umayyad Palace – A palatial complex from the Umayyad period

Built in 8th century, Umayyad Palace is a large complex from the Umayyad Period.  The Umayyad was a dynasty that ruled the city for a few centuries. The palace is actually a ruin with a restored domed entrance to attract tourists. It has a captivating Islamic architecture with its wall decorated with Islamic art of the Umayyad period. The Umayyad Palace stretches over the northern part of the Citadel hill offering panoramic view of the city.


Rainbow Street – The trendiest place in Amman

One of the most fashionable and happening places in Amman is the Rainbow Street. The graffiti-covered walls, colorful umbrellas, vibrant cafes, street food vendors, flea markets, night clubs, and young crowd, that’s how the Rainbow street looks like. This can be the most exciting part of your Amman trip if you’re not too much into historical places.


Royal Automobile Museum

You really don’t have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy this museum, which displays more than 70 classic cars and motorbikes from the personal collection of King Hussein. It’s something of a gem, and a great way to revisit.

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