Um Qais the old Gadara

a Greco-Roman city, situated on 29km in the north of Irbid, was like Jerash, a member of the Decapolis, this confederation which linked the Hellenized cities in the Semitic countries. The old texts describe it “the Attic of the Assyrian land “The city is mentioned in the New Testament as the site um Qais has another claim to fame as the site where, according to the Bible, Jesus performed one of his greatest miracles: casting demons from two men into a herd of pigs.

Since the first millennium, Gadara has resultantly been a Christian place of pilgrimage, including a colonnaded street, a theatre, a mausoleum and a Byzantine church.

The ruins lie in lush hill country overlooking the Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee after visit transfer to visit Jesus cave this cave was first known as the Soldier’s Cave, the cave mentioned in the extra-biblical Gospel of Barnabas that Jesus rested in with 72 followers and 12 disciples when fleeing from the soldiers of Herod.

Other than being a possible place where Jesus took shelter, the cave was also much used in the Roman/Byzantine period as an olive and wine press.  The olive press inside the cave itself has been restored

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